Bradleys Land & New Homes Brochure - page 11

Promoting Your Development
Local, Regional and National Advertising
A schedule will be forwarded to you
covering local and regional publications
in quarter and/or half page formats along
with advertising within the local office
newspapers. National and/or magazine
advertising would be discussed and a
package put together if it was felt these
extra publications were required. Additional
advertising will also be scheduled for any
events with regard to the development, e.g.
open days/weekends and incentives, etc.
Our favoured rates enable us to have more
buying power with our local and regional
publications which allows us to keep each
development in a high profile position.
Just5bespoke4/5bedroom south facing coastalhomes atExmouth.
Prices from£775,000
Outside thesehours contactBradleysEstateAgents
orRedfernsEstateAgents on
View from development
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Sales Centre - 01395 272784
Open 7 days a week - 10am - 4pm
ExClusIVE lAunCh At
ROCklAnds, 7 tREfusIs tERRACE, ExmOuth
Join us for drinks and canapés and take in this stunning view - thursday 7
July 2pm-5:30pm
As places are limited, please RsVP to book your
personal appointment - tel: 01395 272784
lAst 2
Above are some examples of newspaper advertising and flyers we create to promote the development launch
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