Bradleys Land & New Homes Brochure - page 7

Development Branding
The development proposal should have a
collective marketing name and we are
more than happy to provide a choice of
marketing names and logos, if required.
The site name should be reflected
uniformly in our advertising, brochures, on
site boards, internet site etc to provide a
consistent marketing approach to
the buying public.
Site Marketing Boards
A suitable marketing board for the entrance
to the site would be designed to create a
sense of arrival, and to give the relevant
information and contact numbers for when
a site presence is not available. Swing
boards and any necessary car parking and/
or directional signage will be produced
and would be ordered at the earliest
opportunity and delivered to site.
Computer Generated Images, Virtual
Walkthroughs and Artists Impressions
Our artists are very detailed and accurate
with their work, each with differing styles
to suit every type of development. We have
also commenced work with a company
who provide computer generated images
and virtual walkthroughs. This type of
development impression is an essential
tool to encourage sales off plan.
Whether a classic artists impression or CGI
is chosen it can be arranged for examples
to be sent to you to help you decide on the
style of impression that would most suit a
particular development. These are used
within the brochure and for all advertising
material, until we can replace with
photographs of the finished product.
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